our Pricing TableReseller Hosting

Selling At KES2,000
Reseller 50 GB
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 500 GB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Domain, WHM, cPANEL
  • Free cPanel transfers
  • Private Name Servers
Selling At KES3,000
Reseller 100 GB
  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 1 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Domain, WHMCS, WHM, cPANEL
  • Free cPanel transfers
  • Private Name Servers
Selling At KES4,000
Reseller Unlimited
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Domain, WHMCS, WHM, cPANEL
  • Free cPanel transfers
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Private Name Servers

Pure SSD Storage

SSDs are up to 100x faster than your normal drives. Our hybrid SSD based storage allows us to offer the fast performance associated with SSDs coupled with the large amount of storage associated with SATA drives. You get the best of both worlds.


Varnish Caching

All our Shared Hosting service come inbuilt with the high performance Varnish SuperCacher that caches your websites static content and serves them to your visitors at blazing speeds. This not only reduces the load times but also improves server efficiency.


Free Migrations

Transferring from another provider? We are here to make it easy for you. Order a reseller hosting with us and we will move all your accounts to our server, without charging you a dime.



CloudLinux does not allow a single account alone to overload and bring down a server causing service disruptions for all other clients on the same server. CloudLinux allocates each accounts it's resources and isolates then, hence preventing it from impacting the overall performance of the server.


Daily Backups

We take daily off-site backups for all accounts and store backups for the last 7 days. Our Continuous Data Protection setup ensures that our backups are always up to date and protected.

Tons of freebies!

We offer you everything that you need to kick-start your hosting business. A free WHMCS license, SSL certificate, domain reseller account, a payment gateway, just name it.


Get your answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Where are your servers located?

We offer our services out of 4 global datacenters, 2 in the US (East Coast & West Coast), London in the UK and Noida in India. You can choose your preferred location while placing your order.

Which PHP Versions do you offer?

We use CloudLinux along with CageFS and PHP Version Selector. You can select and change the PHP Version for your cPanel account, we offer versions from 5.4 to 7.0.

Which MySQL Version do you use?

We use MariaDB 10 which is equivalent to MySQL 5.6.

Is the WHMCS Branded or Unbranded?

The free WHMCS licenses offered is branded but can be upgraded to an unbranded license for a fee.

How long does setup take?

Orders are setup and provisioned instantly unless your order is flagged by our fraud prevention mechanism.

Do I need a Dedicated IP to install SSL

No, you do not need a Dedicated IP to install a SSL Certificate on our platform.

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